LucyAnneSale-RWMy songs celebrate various elements of folk, jazz, and blues, sometimes multi-instrumentally by myself, sometimes joined by members of my band Sonomama

I’ve toured the U.K and Ireland, steadily building a name for herself as a progressive songwriter with her touring shows and collaborations with fellow artists, including Devon Sproule, seeing her on stage at Cambridge Folk Festival, Shambala, Glastonbury, BBC 6 radio and many more well-loved venues around the country.

My music has been played on local BBC radio, Touch FM, StudyVox FM, and was chosen for FATEA’s showcase compilation in 2013.

There are currently two studio albums, “Keeping it all at Home” (2010), “Sonomama” 2013″ and another on the way soon, as well as other live recordings available online from my Bandcamp page.

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“The Beatles”

Playing amongst the goats and butterflies atop Bristol’s Avon Gorge, Lucy Anne Sale performs her original song ‘The Beatles’ for The Tall Tree Sessions.

Red Ribbon

Filmed by Russell Whitehead Photography

Fooled By The Minor Key

Live at St Mary Magdalen’s Church – now on SoundCloud

This one has has my band ‘Sonomama’ inc. Jools Street, Si Hayden, G. Vaughan, Andy Whitehead, Liz Crowley and Lizzy Coughlan.

Luce x